Was the argument worth it or not?

Let me tell you a story.

The other day I was helping a friend that just bought a house move. He hired a local professional mover here in Kamloops. The movers were about to leave and my friend said to the movers they would need to assemble the furniture as well.  One of the movers started having a word fight with my friend. He said they weren’t informed about the task beforehand. My friend told him he agreed with the owner when they booked the move. They continued to exchange words. I didn’t think this looked too good from either sides – my friend’s or the mover.

Given the exchange of words, could there have been another way?  Could the mover call the boss before reacting to the customer? Could my friend take a ‘chill pill’ and call the owner instead?  Maybe.

Either way, both cannot win by fighting.  Even more so, the business might have lost a lot of businesses from future recommendations from my friend and friends that were there helping to move that day.

Perhaps we can ‘chill’ next time and ask how much is the argument worth?

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