Two Customer Service. One City.

Here are two customer service scenarios:

Went to my local printer in Kamloops to print business cards.  I was greeted with enthusiasm and felt listened to.  The business owner stated that they don’t have the basic paper for the basic option I wanted.  He agrees to charge the same price for the higher quality option.  When I came back after an hour, I was impressed about the quality of the business card.

Here’s a second story dealing with customer service.

We went grocery shopping at the local superstore.  The cashier started scanning.  We gave her a bunch of clothing items of a particular brand.  The coupon clearly states you get $10 off if you spend $50.  She scanned the coupon but the checkout machine did not recognize the code.  She decides to read the fine print.  Her understanding of the fine print says we are not qualified for the discount.  We knew we were qualified.  Instead of arguing, we allowed her to charge us full price.  After then, we took the items to customer service.  The customer service agreed with us and gave us the $10 back in cash.

In the second story, it’s left to wander why the cashier thought the customer (us) was wrong.  Maybe she didn’t want to get into trouble for giving a discount.  Maybe she doesn’t understand customer service.  Maybe she is determined to the right.  Maybe she didn’t want to give us the discount.  Just maybe she might need re-training.  It is left to wonder.

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