Be careful when shoveling show

It’s December here in Kamloops, BC.  What this means is that the winter is really here.  With winter comes snow.  If you are like me, you might have a pretty long driveway or pathway that you have to shovel.  

Danger with snow shoveling

  1. Snow involves heavy lifting for a sustained period of time.
  2. Heavily packed snow can be more difficult to shovel.
  3. Over the age of 55, you should consider getting someone to shovel for you.  Also, clear it with your doctor.

How to get the best out of snow shovelling

  1. Consider warming up and stretching before shovelling snow.  This will prepare your body and muscle.
  2. See it as a way of exercising – this way you enjoy it.
  3. Put on some music or listen to a motivation audio or video.  You might get an idea that will change your life while snow shovelling.  How cool is that!
  4. Wear appropriate clothing.  You don’t want it too thick as you might sweat a lot.  Too light might get you cold too.

Better way to shovel snow

According to research, the best way is to shovel the snow is “a bit at a time” when it is still snowing. If you can’t get outside when it is still snowing, remove the snow layer-after-layer. When the snow is fresh, it is easier to shovel.  

Happy snow shoveling.

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